Nowadays there is no shortage of tools that allow us to recruit employees, especially in Norway, where the labor market is incredibly dynamic. However, hiring itself is a complex process that requires knowledge and time. Employer of record is a solution that will make this entire process easier for you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

What is an Employer of record?

Employer of record, or EOR for short, is a service whereby the external company you hire becomes your employer on paper, taking on all the responsibility associated with your employment contract. It should be noted that this type of cooperation is in accordance with applicable Norwegian law.

Trust the professionals

Hiring an EOR is an advantageous solution for anyone who wants to minimize the risks associated with formal or technical errors that are associated with employment contracts. Handing over the responsibility to an outside company allows you to accurately handle all employment formalities, such as obtaining the relevant permits, drafting the employment contract, paying dues, and handling tax and payroll.

By opting for an EOR, you are assured that your company is operating in accordance with Norwegian law, and that the employees you hire receive all the rights and benefits they are entitled to under the law and under the employment contract.

Securing your business

With this solution, you can focus on increasing the profitability of your business, as EOR takes on employee services. You are assured that your employees are legally employed, and you avoid the risk of financial penalties and problems associated with doing business in Norway.

One of the biggest problems employers face is maintaining employment. Being employed on a permanent or term contract often comes at a much higher cost, especially when the employee is entitled to special allowances.

That’s why EOR is becoming an increasingly popular solution, as it allows employers to hire a temporary employee or temporarily replace permanent employees.

In conclusion, the service of employer of record in Norway is a beneficial solution for anyone who wants to minimize the risks associated with hiring employees in Norway. With this solution, you are assured that your employees are legally employed, while you focus on running your business. You avoid the costs associated with running a business and hiring employees on a permanent contract. That’s why you should take advantage of the combination of professionalism and experience provided by the employer of record service.

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