How to order wooden stairs? This question often arises for people who are planning to renovate their home or build a new apartment. Wooden stairs are a popular solution that adds elegance and character to an interior. In this article I will discuss the different types of wooden stairs, how to measure and order them for your home, and whether they need a balustrade.

What are the different types of wooden stairs?

Interior wooden stairs are those that are found inside houses, apartments or buildings. They blend perfectly with different interior styles, adding coziness and elegance. They are available in different types of wood, such as oak, ash, beech or pine, allowing you to customize the staircase to suit your individual preferences.

Passageway wooden stairs are one of the popular types of wooden stairs. They are characterized by the fact that they run in a curved line, making them aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. Passageway wooden stairs give an original look to the interior and are a decoration of the house. They can have a different number of steps and landings, depending on the needs and arrangement of the space.

There are many different styles of wooden stairs to suit your interior. Popular styles include carpet stairs, millwork stairs, concrete stairs, winding stairs or straight stairs. Each of these styles has its own unique charm and adds an individual touch to the room. The choice of the style of wooden stairs depends on aesthetic and functional preferences.

How to measure and order wooden stairs?

To measure and order a wooden staircase, you need to properly check the dimensions of the steps and landings. Correct dimensions are extremely important to ensure the safe use and comfort of the stairs. You should measure the height of the stairs, the width of the steps and the depth of the landings. Based on these measurements, you can consult with a manufacturer of wooden stairs and order one that will perfectly fit your interior.

Ordering a wooden staircase for your home can be accomplished in several ways. One popular solution is to consult a manufacturer of wooden stairs. Nowadays, many companies offer the possibility to order wooden stairs online. All you need to do is send the appropriate dimensions and your preferences for style or wood species. The manufacturer of wooden stairs will help advise and match the right stairs to the interior.

Installation of wooden stairs trætrappe København can be done by yourself or you can use the services of specialists. If you decide to install the wooden stairs yourself, it is worth remembering a few steps. First, prepare the installation site, i.e. properly prepare the ceiling and the opening where the stairs will be placed. Next, install the steps and landings, trying to fit them as closely as possible. The final step is to attach the balustrade, if required.

Do I need a balustrade on a wooden staircase?

In the case of wooden stairs, it is worth considering whether they need a balustrade. This question is often regulated by the building regulations of a country or region. A balustrade on a wooden staircase may be necessary, especially if the staircase has a higher number of steps. Balustrade regulations specify the minimum height, distance between handrails and strength of materials.

If we decide to install a balustrade on a wooden staircase, we have many different options to choose from. We can choose a wooden balustrade, metal balustrade, glass balustrade or a combination of different materials. The balustrade can have different designs and decorative elements to add beauty to the wooden stairs. It is important to choose a balustrade that meets our aesthetic and functional expectations.

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